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We use software + science to scale the world’s best freelancers from individuals to independent ventures

Sanne Van Broeck, Digital Marketing

It’s very rare you come across people who have this unique ability to connect and inspire others, whilst being driven by such a just cause. They combine all that with the right technology at the right time, in an unapologetically honest way. They don’t just have your best interest in mind, but also everybody else’s.

Why Venture L?

The first ever 100% freelancer owned platform.

For too long we’ve been ignored. We’re not the ‘gig’ economy. We’re not even freelancers…we’re independent business owners.  

Venture L is the software for ambitious as hell individuals to scale their own independent business.

By harnessing automation, artificial intelligence and network intelligence, we’re making scaling independent businesses as easy as calling an Uber

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Close Clients In Seconds Through Storefront

We’ve optimized your storefront for how clients make decisions by creating a customized portfolio and packaging page you can share across all channels.

Access Top Resources Through Marketplace 

Through the Venture Marketplace find tools and templates to copy and integrate into your workflow.


    • Client intake forms
    • Invoice templates
    • And more!

Who Are We?

100+ global badasses building and delivering complex client outcomes together.

Matthew Mottola

Global leader in helping leaders ethically scale through hiring freelancers.

Author of The Human Cloud, Forbes Contributor

Lauren Detweiler

Content Strategy, Copywriting

Anna Kaić

Marketing, Social Media

Dani Ifrim

Full Stack Designer


Leo Earle


Sandra Vukovic

Content Management

Tim Haldorsson

Google Ads/SEM for SaaS Companies

Sanne Van Broeck

Digital Marketing


J.R. Hernandez

Product Marketing, eCommerce

Kemal Avdovic

Graphic Design, Brand Strategy

Kenneth Metral

Web Design, Mobile App Development

Ryan Mellinger

Audio Engineer, Podcasting

Frederik Eksteen

Motion Graphic Design

Laurence Stevens

SaaS Marketing


Sanja Kišiček, Ph.D.

Communication & Collaboration

Badass You